December. The final month of the year. The month we celebrate family, friends and coworkers. In thought, we ascribe Christmas words like “hygge”, love, closeness and generosity but somehow most of us always end up feeling stressed that we cannot live up to the high expectations we set for Christmas.

Year after year the 1st of December sneaks up on us like a thief in the night. To most of us, this leads to quick fixes like buying Christmas presents for employees within the last minute before the Christmas holidays, booking overpriced and mediocre Christmas dinner venues and a lot of other half-hearted Christmas initiatives to reach a satisfactory level.

But why is it that most of us end up grasping at straws when it comes to planning the annual Christmas party, buying the perfect Christmas gifts for employees and partners and decorating the office “Bing Crosby style” in “Christmas Vacation”.

Christmas is coming - and it won’t come quietly and free of stress if we don’t get planning.

Last Thursday we hosted our 5th Club Monday event which is our quarterly event for customers to bring GOOD people together over shared experiences, inspiration and networking.

This time Christmas framed the event and the purpose was to inspire and showcase all the different Christmassy options available (with a little help from the Good Monday Christmas Elf).

We hooked up with some of our beloved partners and suppliers who know a thing or two about Christmas treats and spirit and invited them in to treat the eyes and taste buds of our guest.

The Good Monday Christmas Elf made sure that Santa paid a visit all the way from Greenland. Of course, delivering presents and a little bit of magic.

And who knew it is possible to get a Christmas tree delivered and picked up primo October? We can’t wait to offer Christmas trees plus delivery and pick-up to all our Copenhagen based customers during the season.

With “Christmas-hygge” and “klippeklistredag” comes æbleskiver and gløgg. We made sure we had plenty of each - such a relief getting both delivered from one of our gløgg pushers. It tasted amazing - (psst there’s no shame in spiking up gløgg).

Furthermore, traditional open-faced Christmas sandwiches were served - they are excellent for the Christmas party or for pampering your employees during December on a regular weekday. As is the great selection of wines and port for the office or as Christmas presents. We feel like port is getting a comeback this year ;)

The Christmas Elf also made sure there was a little something for the sweet tooth - a huge variety of Christmas chocolate, Christmas calendars and chocolate boxes for the office or as gifts for partners and employees. Everything is possible - It’s a chocolate miracle!

And if you are one of those struggling to find the right employee Christmas present you never have to fear again. The Good Monday Christmas Elf can help find the right presents.

You might think that we are crazy Christmas maniacs starting to prep for Christmas start October (some of us might even take pride in that denotation) but the truth is that preparing for Christmas celebrations at the office always takes longer than you expect!

Why not be one step ahead of Christmas this year so you can focus on spreading that love and hygge to the people you work side by side with day after day. It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy the season with your colleagues.

If you weren’t able to make to our Club Monday Xmas Soiree feel free to reach out and we will make your wishes come true.