The way we set ourselves up for work is undergoing some massive changes at the moment, and these changes doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. The reason seems to be a combination of several things such as technology, evolving dynamics, mindset, pool of talent, and changes in the power dynamics within a company.

Businesses of today are different. The well-being of employees are important like never before, mostly because true talent is hard to find, and those who do find it really have the upper hand. That means more power to the hard working people in the companies, and more attention and responsiveness from C-level.

Luckily this increased attention becomes a driving force behind overall positivity and development. This based on the assumption that thriving employees perform better, which, let's face it, is better for the company, the clients, and the employees.

With that said we are not urging CEO’s to quit their day job. Instead they should salute the Office Managers of tomorrow and the new glue of the companies: The Workspace Experience Managers.

It may sound fluffy, but it really isn't. Businesses simply need to take action on a whole new level when it comes to attracting, developing and - above all - retaining high-end human capacity. Remember, there is only so much money can buy... A key factor for true employee dedication and happiness is building a killer company culture and a workplace of fun and versatility that even makes the clients envious.

The Workspace Experience Manager operates as a facilitator for engagement and a catalyst for accelerating great spirit and productivity. He or she is the booster of wellbeing and dares to challenge any signs of status quo or relapse for the benefit of all.

On top of the obvious activities of creating the best work environment and putting the employees first, the Workspace Experience Manager takes office management to the next level by doing the unexpected. By bridging the gap between work life and private life this new way of managing a workspace makes it a lot easier and far less stressful for employees to make ends meet. Imagine having your tires changed at the company's parking lot while sitting at a meeting, getting a haircut whilst on a conference call or food delivered on those late nights prior to a new release.

The time has come for welcoming this amazing title upgrade of the Office Manager whose primary task is to keep employees happy, motivated, loyal, all whilst keeping the office running. With or without a visible star badge.