As more and more people are starting to love their Mondays, it is likely that future great accomplishments will take place on the first day of the week. We say that with conviction after hosting the January edition of Club Monday at ‘Aamanns 1921’ last Thursday.

Julie from Good Monday welcoming our guests

What a night. Literally beyond this world. It was a night of surprises and amongst many valuable things we learned that while veggies and herbs are growing happily in Adam Aamanns backyard in Østerbro other species are preparing for slightly more innovative produce in the red fields of Mars.

Line Lave Nielsen letting us in on all the secrets of Aamanns

To start the night from scratch Line Lave Nielsen, Customer and Sales Director at Aamanns, took us through the journey of the admirable Aamanns empire and reminded us that continuously sticking to quality and gut feeling really pay off in the end. We couldn’t agree more.

Of course we also got to taste some of their bestselling smørrebrød along with a home brewed beer which once again made us yummely happy to have Aamanns on our suppliers list!

Herring, icelandic salmon, fish fillets with hand peeled shrimp and Aamanns famous chicken salad

Speaking of a good catch (referring to the herring) the inspirational speaker of the night isn’t a small fish. In fact quite a big shark. Jakob Lange, Partner at BIG and Head of BIG Ideas, was invited to speak about architecture and engineering of the future and how it impacts the way we live and work and how we can combine necessary needs with pleasure. We found that while Good Monday is working on creating a brighter future for offices, Jakob Lange and his team work for a smarter way of reaching them at the speed of sound.

“We are trying to shape what the future will be like and imagine something that hasn’t been imagined before.” — Jakob Lange
Good vibes at the Club Monday event at Aamanns 21

At the moment BIG is a part for the spectacular Virgin Hyperloop One project alongside Elon Musk. Using the technology of building underground gas tubes they combine magnetic levitation and removal of air to optimize the way we travel. A project that will potentially chance the world map when humans are able to travel underground at supersonic speed (1235 km/h). When this becomes reality people can live as far as a thousand kilometers from work and still bring the kids to school before entering the first morning meeting. Simply amazing. To an extend still beyond our imagination.

“Traveling like this can happen very soon if the big companies of the world start buying routes. No routes are under construction yet, but the route between Mumbai and Pune in India is being planned.” — Jakob Lange

Another palpable project that couldn’t be imagined just a decade ago is the fact that Denmark is soon to be a skiing nation. At the moment BIG is doing the final touches on a 900 meter slope that will enable Copenhageners to ski down the newly build power plant. The most efficient power plant in the world, that is, creating electricity and heat for the people of the Danish capital.

Jakob Lange, Partner at BIG and Head of BIG Ideas

If you think this isn’t pompous enough our inspirational speaker topped it up with telling us the latest news about another project led by Elon Musk. The Space X which will be mankind’s first step towards actually migrating to Mars.

“Future is that robots will go to Mars and print houses of concrete with roofs of one meter thick layers of water to protect humans from radiations.” — Jakob Lange

According to Jakob Lange, Elon Musk claims that within the next ten years he will set foot on Mars along with a number of robots and a group of pioneers. Just like going to the Moon in the sixties led to the invention of cellphones, calculators and fax machines, useful inventions will come out of this project too. One of them being the evolution of quantum telecommunication.

And who knows. In a short while computer technology might fix all our problems and even reverse pollution and solve famine. Too big thoughts to grasp but a glimpse of what’s going on behind the walls of the revolutionary thinkers of today. That definitely calls for a big sip of Aamanns homemade brew…

A special thank you to each and everyone who joined the Club Monday event and we look forward to seeing you all again in April!

  • Team Good Monday ❤
Louise and Louise from Charlie Tango