There's a new sheriff in town

The workplace experience manager. Think it sounds too fluffy for your company? You might want to reconsider if you want to attract new talent - and keep the talent you already have. 

We all know the pandemic changed the way we work. But what does that mean for companies? You've probably heard the reported threats of employees voting with their feet over hybrid working expectations, and understandibly they've made companies nervous. But they needn't be. Instead of trying to force teams into working around another fixed schedule, why not make your workplace one people want to come into? 

Make your workplace one people want to come into

The well-being of employees is more important than ever before, partly because of increased awareness around mental health, and partly because employee happiness is finally beginning to be seen as the talent attractor (and retainer) it always has been. Pay isn't everything. It's an age-old story; just think of Maslow!

Luckily this increased awareness around employee well-being has become a driving force behind overall positivity and development. This is based on the assumption that thriving employees perform better, which is better for the company, the clients, and the employees.

So if you're lucky enough to have talent, nuture it! Say howdy to the office managers of tomorrow and the new glue of the companies: the workplace experience managers.

The office managers of tomorrow and the new glue of the companies: the workplace experience managers.

It may sound fluffy, but it really isn't. Businesses simply need to take action on a whole new level when it comes to attracting, developing, and - above all - retaining top talent. A key factor for true employee dedication and happiness is building a killer company culture and a workplace of fun and versatility that even makes the clients envious.

The workspace experience manager operates as an engagement facilitator and a catalyst for accelerating an exceptional team spirit, and productivity. They are a well-being advocate and dares to challenge any signs of a stale status quo.

On top of the obvious activities of creating the best work environment and putting the employees first, the workspace experience manager takes office management to the next level by doing the unexpected.

By bridging the gap between work life and private life this new way of managing a workspace makes it a lot easier and far less stressful for employees to make ends meet. Imagine having your tires changed at the company's parking lot while sitting at a meeting, getting a haircut whilst on a conference call, or food delivered on those late nights prior to a new product release?

The time has come to embrace this office manager upgrade, whose primary task is to keep employees happy, motivated, and loyal, all whilst keeping the office running. Howdy, stranger. It's sure nice to have you around.