A clear health sign for any company is the ability to create memories that unites staff, and strengthens the internal relationships. It can be done in many ways, in staged or natural setups. The 'staged' ones. such as events or company trips, can be beneficial, but often the we-must-get-to-know-each-other-on-a-deeper-level-events causes anxiety and stress to a great number of employees because they are out of their comfort zone and unable to behave naturally.

So why not leverage the natural everyday workspace flow by turning daily activities into micro moments?

As an example, let us look at a company relocation. It is a situation that often just have to be done and dealt with because it is stressful. During this time it is often challenging for the employees to reach their goals and focus on their actual to-do-lists, because they have to sit in the ledge of the window with their laptop while their desk is being removed, or they have to participate physically well aware that they have to be working late to reach other deadlines.

But instead for applying that extra pressure on employees, companies can take advantage of the situation by spicing up the end of a chapter with a great farewell that involves everyone just to generate momentum for what is to come.

Change of location of their second home can be a big thing for employees, and that has to be taken seriously. Instead of keeping them out of the equation everyone should be involved in the decision making, so that each person gets a certain ownership of the situation. It can really be make or break for the future spirit of the company so see it as an investment, bring that expense into budget and have faith in the fact that employees will give back what is lost in man hours during that period.

Relocating is a great opportunity to make everyone feel special. So ask each employee what he or she would appreciate in order to land safely in the new workspace, instead of just presuming that the entire bunch would be satisfied with a new desk lamp or a mouse pad.

We thrive when we feel seen and heard as individuals so loosen up for a while and let everyone be a part of it all - and throw in a candy buffet or hire a photographer to perpetuate all the great micro moment memories.